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As Master of Ceremonies, Wedding Presenter Colin Cook can provide the level of formality (or informality which suits you)Hi – I’m Colin Cook and welcome to my site. Please have a good look around at some of the things I do and then I’d be delighted if you get in touch to discuss YOUR wedding.

So – The Best Wedding Ever? That’s a big claim to make so let me start out by saying that of course every Couple has a different idea of their Best Wedding Ever! However, regardless of your budget, the ‘pretties’ you buy (and I sell those too!) or anything else I genuinely believe that the Best Wedding Ever is one which has the following qualities.

Firstly, Your Wedding Day should reflect your personalities, your sense of humour and your tastes.

Secondly, it should involve all of your guests, enveloping them all and creating a fabulous atmosphere.

For me, this means that the Best Weddings are those which are about people, not things. The true nature of a Wedding is quite simple. 2 people declaring their commitment to each other in front of their closest family and friends, then celebrating together. When you do this bit right, you create lasting and unique memories which set your Wedding apart from others and honestly do make it The Best Wedding Ever – for YOU!

So, how do you achieve this? The easiest way is to hire someone like myself to work alongside you and to help create unforgettable moments and ways to personalise your day, to help ensure the smooth running of your timeline, to help involve all of your guests and to invest those guests into helping create the best memories.

I should point out that I am NOT a Wedding Planner. Although I do help a lot with planning in terms of your timeline and the best ways to involve your guests, this is a separate thing to a Wedding Planner. In fact I regularly work alongside Wedding Planners, so if you have any worries about that then let’s resolve that one! I work closely with your entire team to ensure the smoothest running of your Wedding Day. This often involves liaising with your Venue, Caterers (if different), other Entertainers and other Suppliers.

My involvement with your day varies hugely depending on your requirements. For some clients it is just the evening disco. Most clients now though tend to book me for the full day, starting either before or after their Wedding Ceremony. I can provide music for the Ceremony itself (and planning advice on how to choose your Music). I can also provide music for your Wedding Breakfast alongside my services as your Master of Ceremonies, music for your Drinks Reception and so on.

However, the real difference between a good Wedding and ‘The Best Wedding Ever’ is the level of personalisation and fun I can bring to your Wedding Day as your Wedding Presenter, or Master of Ceremonies. I’m not going to give away my secrets here but this includes ways to involve your guests, ways to keep the atmosphere upbeat and happy, ways to handle your speeches and announcements in a style which suits your personality, personalised introductions, interactive guestbooks and many others. I also have in my arsenal a range of fun activities to keep your guests amused and focused whatever the weather – particularly important if your Wedding is in a marquee or other weather-dependant location.

In fact – I offer a money back guarantee to those who book me for their whole day. If you genuinely don’t believe that what I brought to your day provided great value and exceeded your expectations then I will refund you that charge, in full and without question!

Most weddings follow a fairly typical timeline and because of this and many other pressures by suppliers, venues and even family members it is too easy to fall into the trap of having a ‘McWedding’. A McWedding is a perfectly ok, average wedding which looks good, everyone enjoys themselves and nothing major goes wrong.

However more and more brides and grooms are now deciding that ‘OK’ and ‘average’ are simply not good enough for them and they want their day to be ‘More’. More than OK, more than average – more in every way. After all, this is the BEST day of your life so far. Here’s a radical idea though – have a better day, give your guests ‘more’ and finish in a way which will leave your guests with some amazing memories of a wedding the like of which they’ve not seen before. And this  doesn’t actually need to cost lots. You can make every part of your day better at little or no cost just by using the right suppliers.

Professionally prepared and presented music makes for the perfect Wedding Ceremony

This is where I come in. There are thousands of ok DJs out there. They’ll turn up, they’ll play music, they’ll go home. If that’s what you want, I’m probably not the person for you. Why am I different? Well firstly I ONLY perform at weddings. Everything I do, offer and suggest is based on the very best ways to make a wedding something truly special. I attend seminars, training days, courses all to improve what I do. I am also delighted to have won 2 categories in the Wedding Industry Expert Awards 2014 (Most Popular DJ in Northumberland and Most Popular DJ in North East England) as well as being placed finalist in another 2 categories (Most Popular DJ in England 2nd Place and Top 10 Most Popular DJs Worldwide 5th Place). I am recommended by many of the top venues around the North East but I don’t work for them – I work for you. I don’t have residencies. I don’t take bookings for other DJs. It’s me. You book me, you get me. Because I have no ‘easy’ work coming in I have to ensure that I always work to the very highest of standards and give the very best levels of service. That’s how some 90% of my work comes from referrals. Venues, Photographers, Florists, Videographers, Dressers – I’m fortunate enough to be recommended highly by many other Wedding Suppliers.

Colin is a total professional and listened to what we as the Bride and Groom wanted our wedding to feel like, and his vast experience helped us achieve exactly what we wanted.

The new name for entertainers such as me is ‘Party Host’ although I prefer the term Wedding Presenter for the simple reason I only perform at weddings. This means I am totally focused on you, your guests and your wedding.

I have ideas for making your Ceremony something unique and memorable, for your Wedding Breakfast to be relaxed, upbeat and with a great atmosphere. My style of announcements as your Master of Ceremonies is slanted to your tastes, your sense of humour and your required level of formality (or informality!).

I have ideas to help create ‘Spotlight Moments’ from the different parts of the day. Those things which venues now often take for granted or don’t have the knowledge or training to make special – I can make make those parts of the day truly memorable. Your evening function, as well of course as an amazing disco I can help create a timeline which involves all of your guests, livens up the ‘dead spots’ such as the buffet etc. All of these ideas, my help, my planning experience, advice are all free if I am booked for that part of the day.

Most importantly though is my total commitment to making your day perfect. Not just good but great. I work for you, not for the venue. My loyalty is to you. As Master of Ceremonies you have someone working for you as a point of contact for your guests. Someone who will break the ice with them, keep them informed and entertained.

In other words, something ‘MORE’.

Although my fees are not cheap in comparison to many DJs they represent amazing value for what I bring to your Wedding Day. In advance with meetings, phone chats, e-mails. On the Day. Even afterwards. Many of my clients have become friends and I have even DJ’d for whole families, sisters, cousins and once even for a Mother of The Bride in her 2nd marriage after performing for her daughter 3 years earlier!

Please have a look around, please get in touch if you would like something special for your Wedding Day! I provide Wedding Entertainment as a Wedding DJ, Master of Ceremonies and Creative Lighting Supplier across the North East including County Durham, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, North Yorkshire and Teesside.

Thank you


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