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Bespoke Monograms – Your Name In Lights

Alongside Moodlighting a custom designed Wedding Monogram provides probably the biggest WOW! factor you could have at your Wedding. A Wedding Monogram is similar to a Wedding Gobo but is so much more.

Gobo Projection has been around for ages and generally involves a metal (or sometimes glass) pattern which is cut or etched. This is then projected using a Gobo Projector. The top of the range ones can be powerful and effective but the majority are quite basic. The biggest issue is that unless the gobo is projected in a pretty straight line then the image is slewed and corrupted. this is known as keystone effect.

Using a powerful High Definition projector instead opens up all kinds of possibilities. Firstly keystone can be compensated for either on site or within the design itself. The ph0to below was projected from the right hand side and about 30 feet away. As you can see there is no keystone corruption at all as the image was actually designed with the appropriate corrections built in. You’ll also notice that the image is in colour. It can even be animated, alternate with photographs of your choosing or can be designed as a looped ‘movie’! For your information, the image shown below is about 16ft (5m) wide and about 8ft (2.5m) high!! How impressive is that!

You can give me your ideas and let me design something from you or you can choose any design from my Monogram Design Gallery and match it with any of the displayed fonts to create your perfect combination.

I can even provide animated ‘Living Motion’ monograms and in the coming months will be adding photos and videos to show just how amazing this can be.

Custom Made Wedding Monogram

This incredible Monogram was designed for Caroline and Craig for their amazing wedding at Wynyard Hall in the Tees Valley. The final projection was some 15ft wide, 6ft high and projected from around 30ft away at an angle requiring the monogram to be tweaked to allow for any keystone effect. Along with the Pink and Blue Moodlighting it’s fair to say that a ‘WOW’ slipped from virtually every pair of lips to enter the room!

Generally this service is only available either when I am booked as your DJ and/or Master of Ceremonies or if Moodlighting is booked. I try to build as much value into this amazing effect as possible so unless you are very local to me it may prove uneconomical to supply it on it’s own.

So if you’d like a bespoke Wedding Monogram (Wedding Gobo) projection in the North East of England including Durham, Northumberland, North Yorkshire or Tyne & Wear please get in touch

A Short video showing the 2 animated wedding monograms (1 for daytime and 1 for the evening) designed for Katy and Andy’s wonderful winter wedding in Northumberland

Custom Wedding Monogram, Living Motion Monogram and Gobo Projection in Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne & Wear, North Yorkshire, North East England

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